Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Calling for Diapers! A Quick & Easy Way to Make a Huge Difference.

By Sara Swabb

Image via thestorkmagazine.com

Why Diapers?
Many of you are mothers, aunts, nannies, or have simply walked by the diaper aisle at the grocery and understand that the cost of diapers can add up quickly.  Statistics show that a baby needs 10 to 12 diapers a day, costing about $100 to $120 each month.  Parents who cannot afford this expense routinely run out of diapers.

Babies who remain in dirty diapers for prolonged periods experience diaper rash, infections, or other health problems, and typically express their discomfort through crying.  And the pain that a parent feels at not being able to meet their children’s basic needs adds stress and tension to the already difficult task of parenting.

How Can You Help?
To help mitigate this relevant issue in the District, My Sister’s Place (MSP) volunteers are calling on all JLW members and their networks to donate diapers and baby wipes for the children of MSP.  Diapers must be disposable and all sizes (infant, toddler, pull-up) are acceptable.  Just drop off the items at the JLW headquarters in the first floor kitchen by March 15, 2014. 

Think You’re Too Busy to Help?
Sometimes it’s tough to get to the store, purchase the items, and complete the drop off.  If this is the case for you, check out Amazon.com or Diapers.com and get the items shipped straight to JLW headquarters:

Mail these to:
                      ATTN: Jackie Paranzino, My Sister’s Place Chair
                      3039 M Street NW
                      Washington, DC 20007

Still Have Questions?
Feel free to contact Jackie Paranzino, MSP Committee Chair, at jackie.paranzino@gmail.com.

Monday, February 3, 2014

More Fun Than a Day At the Ball Park!

The Community Events Planning Committee spent Saturday, January 11th, at Children’s National Medical Center taking part in a new Kids In The Kitchen event. This was the first event in what will hopefully be a long relationship with Children’s National Medical Center.

Kids in the Kitchen’s goal is to provide children with nutritional literacy and equip them to make smart decisions about food and physical fitness. Saturday’s event took place in the Washington National’s Diabetes Care Complex within the Children’s National facility. The beautiful wing of the hospital added to the excitement of the day, with a replica of the baseball diamond from National’s Park built into the floor.

Young patients were treated to white chefs hats and goodie bags while they roamed from activity station to activity station to collect recipe cards, which fit together to form a healthy eating cook book.

The baseball theme continued throughout the activities starting with Healthy Eating Bingo. After getting three healthy foods in a row, winners received a baseball for a prize. And at the trivia station, children were quizzed about healthy foods in comparison to baseball-themed items. Did you know that a serving of fruits or veggies should be the same size as a baseball? At the face painting table, you could get a baseball painted on or if you were feeling silly, a fake mustache!

JLW will be hosting another, great Kids in the Kitchen event on Saturday, March 1st, at the YMCA National Capital. If you have young children, this event is not to be missed!