Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Advisor meetings -- what they're like

This year is my new member year in JLW, and part of being a new member is attending advisor meetings. Thankfully, I was assigned to a wonderful advisor group and a very helpful new member advisor.

Having advisor meetings as part of the new member requirements is a very smart idea. There are many times that I have questions about events or other requirements, and having a person dedicated solely to answering our many questions is very helpful.

It is also exciting to share in a new member advisor group. I think it is a wonderful way to meet women in my area that I might not have met in Junior League otherwise. Many times the members in our group all have the same questions, so getting together for group meetings is a great way get all of our similar questions answered at the same time.

As new members, we are required to participate in four advisor group meetings. For our first two meetings, we decided to meet after work for drinks and appetizers. We started out talking about JLW-related topics, but soon the conversation turned to work, socializing, sport, food and other things that interest us. I am so glad that I was placed in a great group of girls with similar interests.

At that first meeting, we found out that one thing we all had in common was that we all loved a good Sunday brunch. So for our next meeting we decided that it would be a good idea to meet for brunch one Sunday morning. We are all looking forward to some good food and a great conversation.

Seeing as how advisor meetings are not a requirement beyond your new member year, I know I am going to miss getting together with these wonderful ladies next year. I hope to keep in touch, and who knows, maybe I’ll continue the fun and take on my own advisor group one day!

* JLW member tip: for ladies missing their close-knit groups from their new member days, consider joining a JLW Small Group. Small Groups make it easy to connect with JLW ladies outside of your placement based on things that interest you.


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